Pricing Plans






Number of Courses Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Active Users per Month 500 250 100
Number of System Admins 5 3 1
Number of Learning Portals(ie, Domains) 5 2 1
Course Creation & Management Show More
Certificate Builder
Course Archives
Course Catalog
Course Duplication
Drag-and-drop content management
File Uploads
Custom Learning Paths
Content Types Show More
Documents(PDF, PPT, Word, Excel, etc)
Embedded Code
Dynamic Text
Assessments Show More
Quiz Builder
Survey Builder
In-content Activities
Ecommerce Show More
Coupon Codes
Stripe Payment Processing
Social & Collaboration Tools Show More
Custom Avatars
Reporting & Tracking Show More
Certificate reports
Data visualizations
Real-time reportings
Sales reports
Student activity reports
Data export
User Management & Authentication Show More
Multiple System Admins
Custom User Types/Roles
Manual Account Setup by Admin
2-Factor Authentication
Single Sign-on
Accessibility Show More
Dark/Light Mode
Security Show More
SSL Certificate/HTTPS
Password Strength Checker
User Permissions
2-Factor Authentication
No Simultaneous sign-ins
Timed Auto-Sign out
Integrations Show More
Application programming interfaces (APIs)
Google Analytics
Customizations Show More
Custom branding (logo, colors)
Custom certificates
Custom domain + SSL
Custom email notifications
Custom learner portals
Custom notifications
Unlimited custom fields for students
Custom themes
CSS/HTML/JavaScript editor
Customer Support Show More
Help Center
Video Tutorials
Student Ticket Management
Priority Support
Yearly Pricing $329.00/mo ($3,948.00/yr) $249.00/mo ($2,988.00/yr) $149.00/mo ($1,788.00/yr)
Monthly Pricing $389.00/mo ($4,688.00/yr) $299.00/mo ($3,588.00/yr) $179.00/mo ($2,148.00/yr)
Plus $1.00/Add'l Active User Plus $2.00/Add'l Active User
Select Select Select

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between annual and monthly pricing?
With annual pricing you pay for a year in advance and secure significant cost savings relative to monthly pricing.
Do you offer plans with greater user limits for enterprises?
Foundation LMS offers an Enterprise plan that can be tailored to any number of users. Contact us for more information.
Can I upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time?
You may upgrade, downgrade, or cancel whenever you want. If you decide to cancel, your portal will remain active until the end of your billing period.
What is an Active User?
Foundation LMS plans let you register an unlimited number of users. Our pricing is based on the number of different users that sign in to your portal(s) each month. These are called Active Users.
What if I exceed the Active User limit of my plan?
Our plans have soft limits. Foundation LMS doesn’t prevent users from signing in if your plan limit has been reached.
Do I need a credit card to create an account?
Yes, you will need a credit card to create your account but it won’t be charged until after the trial period ends.